Realist & Dreamer


She was the one, he knew it in his heart…

Even as he called; his family, her family, and their close friends to tell them the good news, his mind had already been set on her.

What more could a man possibly ask for in a woman?

She was the whole package. She had a brain that made him question his sanity and an imagination like that of a child. It was limitless.

“A rare beauty” … were the only words to describe her physic. Yes, curved in all the right places. “Not too much, not too little”, just enough for him as he often stated.

Her complexion was dark-pale, her face stern with a smile resembling that of a fallen angel. Sweet and captivating.

She had an air of determination about her which did well to extol her persona of; “Yes, this is what I want, and this is what must be done to achieve it.”

She was the only woman for him. She had to be, because no one else has ever lite up his Tusker the way she did. But why does that matter? She loved him and he loved her; right? That’s enough…, Love conquers all, right?


She loved him; there was no doubt about that. She loved the way he made her feel, like the ocean was too small in comparison to his love for her.

But she had her fears as well. He had been married, not only twice but three times.

His first wife had long joined her ancestors; his second wife is still brooding over what he and she had had; and the third gave him the most bewitching son… Like from a horror movie cold and harmless…or was he?

“My baby comes first.” He had made sure she knew and inferred from the beginning. “He is the only thing that keeps me from going insane…, Other than you.” He had added.

So where she fitted in that equation, is what left her beyond words and only feelings were expressed.

He had told her he loved her on several occasions, his actions spread the same gospel but… Her heart had never fully accepted him.

She still believed his dream of he and she till the end. However, she feared it would all crush upon her… sooner or later, like all good dreams. So she never dared to open her eyes, even in the the darkness, in fear of waking up…


©Nachbhina Namahonje