Me & You

(out of nowhere)

I wanted to forget you, but you were a Savage, running free in the jungle but always on the lookout. Like you knew…, but didn’t…

…tell me? Why are you so wild?

I love the wilderness…, It’s the only place I can say feels like home. Where nothing makes sense but everything is connected…like an Enchanted Forest; a Woody Heaven…, but…, what I don’t understand is why You ride with me?

Isn’t Your own weight enough for You that You must take my hand and pull me out of the pit each time I miss a step? Have I not caused You enough pain? Or am I just…, another puppet whose life looses meaning in the soil…, once the days are gone.

Or am I too broken to fix; and all You can do is watch; as I dig my own grave until the wind comes and buries me in the pit I DUG. And as You have done for ages; You pull me out once more.

(Again out of nowhere

YOU are MINE and I AM. Which makes it For Me & You. YOUR pain is MINE; YOUR joy is MINE; YOUR hate is MINE; and YOUR love I AM.