Through Your Eyes

Cover Photo

Your eyes,
They shelter numerous unspoken words.
Love, ambitions, fear, happiness, doubts…
They were the first thing I noticed about you.
Those lonely, sad, and yet, beautiful eyes.
The way they light up,
When you have a brilliant idea;
And the way they dance with joy,
When you are laughing your heart out.
The way they shut half way,
Exposing youthful wrinkles,
When you are deep in thought.
And In the same way;
Grow distant and cold,
When you are sad or upset;
And  silently cry for help,
When you are afraid and vulnerable.
I never tire searching Through Your Eyes,
Because behind your eyes,
Is your heart.
Nachbhina Namahonje




Author: Namahonje

A woman in discovery.

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